IV of Pentacles
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IV of Pentacles

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Collect the ORIGINAL PAINTING of the IV of Pentacles from the Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas deck.

Size 12x16 acrylic on canvas

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IV of Pentacles

Often the heights of success comes with a price of it's own. This hard working Goddess has worked very hard to obtain her four pentacles. She is tired, but sees it as necessary that she tightly holds onto all of her pentacles. Her financial stability is clear, however her toxic possessiveness is as well. So is her happiness really making her happy?

 Although the Four of Pentacles represents a person whom has achieved financial success, it also represents a person whom may be allowing greed to take over. You may have lost focus and become blindsided by the financial gain you have experienced and now your possessiveness is hurting you. You may feel vaguely unhappy, as you are not enjoying the fruits of your labor but exerting extra energy into harshly protecting them. Relax some Goddess. Do not value money above its worth; for abundance comes in many forms.

 In it's reverse, the Four of Pentacles can indicate that your conservative ways have turned into complete stinginess. You are haunted by the fear of poverty and your possessions are now a self imposed prison. Loosen your hold Goddess, it will make you feel good to enjoy your earnings in other ways than in your pockets.

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