VI Of Swords
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VI Of Swords

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Collect this ORIGINAL PAINTING of the VI of Swords from the First Edition Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas deck.  

Size 12x16in acrylic on canvas. 

Available to ship within 2 business days. 

VI of Swords


The VI of Swords is a card about regretful transition. Here we see our Goddess looking out at a sunset, as this chapter is coming to a close. As she voyages forward, there clearly seems to be two paths ahead of her. One is smooth and flowing in synchronicity; however the other path is turbulent and moving with vigorous energy. To choose one path, leaves the other's destination unknown to her and this leaves our Goddess with feelings of regret and sadness. However, this Goddess is ready for this journey and this release. Her sight is fixated forward, and that's all she sees. She has chosen her path, and now is on her way to destiny.


The VI of Swords calls us to realize that you are now on your way to a better position in life. However, in order to get there, you will need to release something (or someone) that can't go with you. Maybe it's a burden or a relationship, but either way, it s holding you back from a necessary transition in life. You may initially regret having to leave them behind, but soon will see the better phase ahead of you having done so. Your sadness will indeed be replaced with clarity and acceptance of change. Move forward Goddess.


In it's reverse, the VI of Swords can suggest you are not allowing yourself to move forward. By carrying this unnecessary baggage, you are holding yourself back from the transition necessary to evolve. Be honest with yourself Goddess. You know this release is necessary. You will be just fine. Do it.



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