The Afro Goddess Connection


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Collect this ORIGINAL PAINTING of the VII of Swords from the First Edition Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas deck.  

Size 12x16in acrylic on canvas. 

Available to ship within 2 business days. 




Sometimes, the best place to hide is in plain sight. It is not always a bad thing to want to go at something alone, but it is if you are trying to go at it in a sneaky way. VII of Swords is a card about trying to get away with something, deception, and betrayal. Here we see our Goddess boldly on display with her five swords. But does she really have five swords or seven? Because off to the side and out of the spotlight are two more hidden, or at least not brightly lit, swords. This goddess is trying to deceive someone. One of the beautiful and elegant snake's most unique skills is it's ability to camouflage. So be careful, everything is not as it appears here.


The VII of Swords can indicate dishonesty and deception. Someone could be a liar and hiding something from you. Or, are you attempting to sneak away from a situation without dealing with it? There are times it's hard to get away unnoticed and this time shall be no different. So own your actions and have caution for the actions of others. Because when everything is eventually found out, you will absolutely have to stand in your truth.


In it's reverse, the VII of Swords indicates you are having mental challenges with accepting what is. Break free from old habits by overcoming your mental blocks that keep you believing something that ultimately is not true. You can not escape from the truth, so accept it and move forward.

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