VIII of Cups
The Afro Goddess Connection

VIII of Cups

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Collect the ORIGINAL PAINTING of the VIII of Cups from the Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas deck

Size 12x16inch acrylic on canvas

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VIII of Cups

Even with what you have, sometimes it's still not enough. The Goddess of the VIII of Cups is seeking a happiness of a certain caliber. Guided by her intuition in the dim lights of the moon, she has turned her back on what she had so she can search for what she is missing. The resistance of the dessert sand provides a rough journey, however she regretfully takes it anyway. For this brave Goddess has faith that what she will find, will be much better than what she left behind in this barren place.

 The VIII of Cups is a card of disappointment and walking away. What you now have may have at one time made you happy, but now it's lacking in some way. This is disheartening to you, however you have the strength to leave it all behind and search for a new happiness for yourself. You may experience some pain in the process, however you will be able to endure. Be resilient Goddess. Destiny awaits.

 In it's reverse, The VIII of Cups asks you to listen to your heart. What you have may not be so bad and can be salvaged to make you happy once again. Go within and decide if these cups are worth a second chance.

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